In false confessions, however, police must also contaminate

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canada goose coats on sale Sullenberger seems to believe this, but it is a questionable assertion, since it links financial incentive to individual competence, and ignores the fact that, with exceptions, the “best and the brightest” have never chosen to become airline pilots, at whatever salary, because of the terrible this is my life monotony of the job. Furthermore, although unusual stupidity is often fatal in flying, the correlation between superior intelligence and safety is unproven, given the other factors that intrude especially arrogance, boredom, and passive rebellions of various kinds. If you had to pick the most desirable trait for airline pilots, it would probably be placidity. canada goose coats on sale

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canada goose coats This was an interesting and informative article that I really enjoyed reading. However, I have to disagree a bit with 1. You imply that make canada goose outlet usa up sex is taken as a reward for a fight. In false confessions, however, police must also contaminate the confessions by feeding facts to the innocent suspect that “only the true perpetrator would canada goose outlet website legit have known.” To the untrained eye, the suspect’s confession, chock full of this “inside knowledge”, has the ring of truth. But in reality the final result, which is canada goose outlet store uk rehearsed before the cameras are turned on, is more parts law enforcement than suspect. As I reviewed the police reports, tracked how the police investigation evolved, compared more closely the statements of Stuckey with those of McCallum, and read the trial transcripts, I became convinced that both Stuckey’s and McCallum’s confessions were highly contaminated canada goose coats.

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