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I like to elaborate a bit, in the same “for nerds” manner, on where Eevee seems to get lost a bit with scales and notation. He (she? not sure) calls the A minor and C major scales the same, because they contain the same notes. Basically, scales aren just an ordered set of notes, they also have a starting point. Individuals walk with a certain type of footfall or step. Different types of feet have different needs in shoes to ensure proper body alignment and to help alleviate foot and joint pain. There are three types of feet, with specific characteristics to each. It’s a simple as that. You’re far better off having your visitors navigate to your products through navigation or the site map than risk the possibility that the in site search misleads them.Other things that are important in an excellent in site search feature is for it to be able to produce relevant results when searching for products you don’t actually carry. If a search is for a specific product but you carry one comparable, that comparable product needs to be delivered in the search results. I wrote the donation number down on the side of the truck and made my way back towards the coffee shop. A feeling of gratitude beaming inside of me somehow. As I turned the corner I saw, of course, there was a line.

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