Android 1.6 Version Update (Donut) adds new Power Control Widget

I’m a developer and have made a few apps for android, so I updated to the newest SDK today, Android 1.6, named "Donut". It’s supposed to roll out in October.

One of the first new things I noticed was a nifty power control widget, which gives you the ability to quickly toggle wifi, bluetooth, gps, data syncing, and brightness. Not a particularly big deal, because I’m currently using worthy widgets downloaded from the market, but it’s nice to have it natively for sure. Still waiting on a 3g toggle though…


7 thoughts on “Android 1.6 Version Update (Donut) adds new Power Control Widget”

  1. I agree, idk what the deal is but a 2g-3g toggle would be very handy especailly since tmobile’s 3g is very spottie atm

  2. I love this "Power Control",  this is very important for me.  Especially turn off wifi, data-sync save battery life.


  3. I am running Android 1.6 on my T-Mobile G1, but where can I find this power control widget?

    Do I have it to dowbload from the market?

    Greetings LStrike

  4. Dear Sir,

    Have recently purchase power control pro (Motorola DEFY)

    1. The Auto Sync button I press to switch off. But the gmail is still able to checking for email.

    2. I understand I may also switch off 2G/3G using the button from your widget but THEN i will be not able to receive MMS picture message people SMS to me.

    3. How do I ensure the Auto Sync work properly ? most of the time I do not wish the Mtorola defy sync my Gmail / contacts / calender in order to lower he Gprs data $$$. This is reason I purchase your product.

    Thank you

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