30 Google Wave Invites

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Google Wave logoI've got 30 more Google Wave invites to give away. Leave a comment with your email and I'll send them. First come, first serve.

This is actually a nomination and it may take a little while before you get your actual invite.


From now on, you must retweet the bitly URL (http://bit.ly/2rwYsG) on twitter and reply to me in order to get an invite.

Example tweet:

@xoise Free Google Wave invites: http://bit.ly/2rwYsG #GoogleWave

Then put a comment in the comment section and don't forget your email (doesn't have to be public).

47 thoughts on “30 Google Wave Invites”

  1. Man, I can’t wait to get started on Wave, I’m going to use it to collaborate on a podcat.
    Please can you send me an invite?


    mrsilv at hotmail dot co dot uk

  2. Hmmm…says my comment is "awaiting moderation". Strange. Did send a tweet out. Dan – help me out here.

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