How to Hide Android WebView Highlight Border (or change it’s color)

Here's one that had me at a loss for a long time that I just figured out. You can easily remove the highlight border (the border that comes up when an element is focused) or change it's color in a WebView with CSS! The WebKit-specific property "-webkit-tap-highlight-color" is what you're looking for.

The following line will disable it on a page completely:

* {
	-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);	

rgba() is just like rgb(), but it takes a 4th parameter for opacity. It's my belief that this would probably work for iPhone WebView's as well, since both Chrome and Safari are based off of WebKit.

PHP RSS Parser – RSS Reader Class for PHP

Just had to create a quick RSS parser for PHP and thought I'd post my solution. The implementation and class follows.

$rss = new RSSReader('');
while ($rss -> hasNext())
	print_r($rss -> next());
class RSSReader {
	var $xml = null;
	var $pos = 0;
	var $count = 0;
	function __construct($feed_url) {
		$this -> load_url($feed_url);
	function load_url($feed_url) {
		$this -> load_string(file_get_contents($feed_url));
	function load_string($feed_string) {
		$this -> xml = simplexml_load_string(str_replace('content:encoded', 'content_encoded', $feed_string));
		$this -> pos = 0;
		$this -> count = count($this -> xml -> channel -> item);
	function get_title() {
		return $this -> xml -> channel -> title;
	function get_link() {
		return $this -> xml -> channel -> link;
	function get_pubdate() {
		return $this -> xml -> channel -> pubdate;
	function hasNext() {
		return $this -> count > $this -> pos;
	function next() {
		$obj = $this -> xml -> channel -> item[$this -> pos++];
		return array(
			'title' => (string) $obj -> title,
			'link' => (string) $obj -> link,
			'description' => (string) $obj -> description,
			'content' => (string) $obj -> content_encoded,
			'pubDate' => strtotime($obj -> pubDate),

Chrome Extensions: History Button, Extensions Button, Downloads Button

I just created some very simple extensions for Chrome shortly after I taught myself how to create extensions.

As I said, they're VERY simple, but I find them useful, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to share them.

Each extension is a simple lightweight extension that adds a shortcut button to your browser for quick access to your history, extensions, or downloads. It either opens a new tab, or switches to the respective tab if you already have it open in a tab you're not using.

You could nearly accomplish the same thing if you made a bookmark, but this assures you won't open multiple tabs and I like to keep some things separate from the bookmarks bar.

Chrome Extensions Button

Chrome History Button

Chrome Downloads Button