[9] (The sixth, Sergeant Anthony W

Stordahl recalled: “He just couldn’t believe his ears. He was so excited, you almost believed he had never recorded before. I think this was a turning point in his career.

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If he had gotten the proper care he needed originally

Mumia Abu-Jamal in Medical Crisis

On the morning of Monday Canada Goose sale March 30th, prison officials at SCI Mahanoy say that Mumia Abu-Jamal had a "medical crisis" and was transported Canada Goose Parka from canada goose deals the prison to the intensive care unit Canada Goose Coats On Sale at the Schuylkill Medical Center, in Pottsville. PA. Shackled to the bed, alone, and prevented from knowing that his family canada goose coats on sale is close by he remains in intensive care. Prison officials and hospital officials when not spreading misinformation are denying Mumia's family access to visits, while also denying the family and his lawyers any information or records about his condition. Mumia's family is keeping vigil in the ICU critical care visiting room. His supporters and lawyers were at trial challenging the Revictimization Review Act aka the "Mumia Silencing Act" in Harrisburg, PA when they received word that he had been taken to the hospital.The Abolitionist Law Center's Bret Grote is in Pottsville and vigorously preparing legal action to gain access canada goose store to his client for the family and access to his medical canada goose replica records so that independent doctors can intervene. Mumia Abu-Jamal’s brother Keith Cook stated “The rules that the prisons have are very arcane. canada goose black friday sale They don’t Canada Goose Outlet give out any information about prisoners to their families or anyone else. canadian goose jacket It’s like you have your hands tied because you don’t know how the Canada Goose online prisoner is and you have no way of talking to him. I remember a canada goose clearance sale month ago— Phil Africa exercising in the prison, next thing they know they moved him to a hospital and didn’t tell his family where he was, and three days later buy canada goose jacket he was dead. "It’s scary. This situation needs to change. The prison authorities need to be more humane to Canada Goose Jackets the families of prisoners.”Pam Africa stated "Prison Officials are lying. Mumia is going through canada goose torture at the hands of Department of Corrections through medical neglect. canada goose outlet It is clear to people that they want to kill Mumia. They gave him the wrong medication which made his condition worse. Inmates on the inside who questioned what was Canada Goose Online happening have been subjected to direct retaliation by the superintendent. They have been moving concerned cheap Canada Goose inmates out of Mumia's unit in an effort to both bury and canada goose clearance keep this critical information from the public."Johanna Fernandez of the New York Campaign to Bring Mumia Home noted “Mumia has been complaining about being ill since January. If he had gotten the proper care he needed originally, he would not be in this situation. This crisis illustrates the problem of health care in American prisons as a basic human rights violation. I am personally concerned because Phil Africa of the MOVE organization was rushed to the hospital not canada goose coats long ago in good health and a few buy canada https://www.gestiontb.ca goose jacket cheap days later he was dead. We need to fight to defend Mumia’s life, and that of all prisoners.&rdquo.

”facebook dialogPinterestA still from Running Thunder (2007)

Hail to McQueen

facebook dialogPinterestSteve McQueen at home in Amsterdam.The executives at Britain’s Channel 4, which Fake Handbags cofinanced Hunger, the first feature film by London-born artist Steve McQueen, had any number of reasons to be worried about its Fake Designer Bags box office prospects. In its Handbags Replica sores-and-all depiction of the final weeks of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands in 1981, the movie offers up sadistic beatings, excrement-stained prison cells and unstinting close-ups of high quality replica handbags oozing abscesses and squirming maggots. But the execs were particularly panicky about one scene that depicted two men sitting at a table, talking. The conversation, between Sands (Michael Fassbender) and a priest (Liam Cunningham) who’s challenging wholesale replica designer handbags his decision to starve himself, goes on for more than 20 minutes. It opens with a single, 17-minute take, a continuous shot with no cuts, close-ups or camera movements—virtually unheard of in a commercial release.facebook dialogPinterestMichael Fassbender as Bobby Sands in Hunger.At an early cheap replica handbags screening of the film, when the Channel 4 brass saw Replica Handbags the scene for the first time, they were “s—ting themselves,” aaa replica designer handbags recalls McQueen over a cup of coffee at a hotel bar in Amsterdam. But there was little they could do, since McQueen had avoided shooting any shorter backup takes. “I knew what I was doing,” he says.Apparently so. Last May McQueen, 39, won the Caméra d’Or for replica handbags china best first feature at Cannes, where *Hunger’*s premiere received a lengthy standing ovation. Reviewers singled out the conversation scene for especially ecstatic praise.McQueen, a working artist since the early Nineties, is best known for his quietly gut-wrenching film and video pieces, exhibited at such serious galleries as Marian Goodman in New York and Thomas Dane in London. Charlotte (2004) begins with a shot of actress Charlotte Rampling’s right eye; soon a finger—McQueen’s—enters the frame to caress and prod the loose flesh that surrounds it, before touching the eyeball directly. Running Thunder (2007) depicts an elegant but motionless Wholesale Replica Bags horse lying dead—or asleep?—in a grassy meadow. Nothing Designer Replica Bags really happens, but as the light shifts subtly and the 11-minute film loops back on itself, it makes all sorts of statements about stillness and action, life and death.facebook dialogPinterestStill from Gravesend (2007).Like his films, McQueen exudes an unlikely combination of supreme confidence and delicate inscrutability. Tall and burly, with a booming voice that carries across the hotel bar, he has a hesitant, choppy way of speaking, leading you to believe he’s sharing only a fraction of his thoughts. But occasionally he’ll blurt out an uncensored, unvarnished truth, perhaps as a calculated reward for what he considers a good question, or perhaps just because he feels like it. (During his first meeting with Rampling to discuss Charlotte, McQueen exclaimed, “Look, I want to touch your face.”)The son of working-class immigrants from Trinidad and Grenada, Replica Bags Wholesale McQueen studied Replica Designer Handbags painting at Designer Fake Bags London’s Chelsea College of Art and Design, then film at Goldsmiths College. Later he spent three miserable months at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts film program before quitting because of its emphasis on technique over substance. “It was bulls—,” he says. “A lot of rich kids with no talent.”James Rondeau, a curator at the Art Institute of Chicago, recalls meeting McQueen a few years after his stint at NYU. “We immediately got into a disagreement,” says Rondeau, who later organized a solo show for McQueen at the Art Institute. “But it was the best kind of disagreement—a really challenging and open and freewheeling conversation. I thought, I’ve really got to be on my toes. That’s still true 15 years later.”Although McQueen came of age around the same time as fellow Goldsmiths grads Damien Hirst and Sam Taylor-Wood, he kept himself removed from the hype-happy YBAs (Young British Artists), both socially and purse replica handbags intellectually. Everyone remembers Tracey Emin’s My Bed, the messy mattress installation that helped get Emin shortlisted for the 1999 Turner Prize, but few recall that it was McQueen who actually won the award that year. In one of his works for the Turner exhibit, he re-created the Buster Keaton stunt in which a house collapses around him.McQueen has also gone his own way in a very literal sense, having left London for Amsterdam in 1996 after falling in love with a Dutch woman. “I didn’t know anyone here, and that’s always good,” he says. (The couple still live in Amsterdam with their young daughter.) Meanwhile, McQueen’s avoidance of the art-world hustle has left him relatively immune to the vicissitudes of the marketplace: His work, owned almost exclusively by museums and dedicated collectors, never turns up at auction. Asked about the shaky state of today’s art market, McQueen says coolly, “I don’t give a s—. I don’t care. If I was thinking about money when I was making something, I possibly wouldn’t make it.”Hunger is destined to bring McQueen his widest audience by far. The artist, who cowrote the film with Irish playwright Enda Walsh, says the story has its roots in his memories of news reports of Sands’s self-starvation at the notorious Maze prison, near Belfast; he recalls watching the BBC evening news as an 11-year-old and seeing a photo of Sands with a number underneath his name, indicating how many days he’d been fasting. “The whole idea that someone stops eating in order to be heard was very strange,” he says. “They have no food going in, but they’re getting louder.”facebook dialogPinterestA still from Running Thunder (2007).On the set, the extraordinary strangeness of Sands’s situation came back to life in unexpected ways. Fassbender lost 35 pounds for the role, fasting under medical supervision. And one day McQueen, while filming a scene that shows Sands and other naked prisoners running a replica handbags online gauntlet as guards in riot gear beat them pitilessly, broke down crying. “The actors were really, really being hit with batons,” he explains. “You see the marks on their skin. So on the third or fourth take, I just couldn’t handle it. More https://www.ermobags.com The fact that it was me who was in control of that violence—it f—ing got me.” He adds, “It’s this whole conundrum of art: You’re trying to make the piece, but at the same time it’s what you have to inflict on these actors. It just looked real, and in fact it was real.”The many parallels between Hunger and McQueen’s formally controlled yet emotionally untidy art pieces are plain to see. “There are the same tensions between silence and language, motion and stillness,” observes Rondeau. “The same vocabulary of possibilities. And while Steve seems to be taking a dispassionate stance, he’s very quietly advancing sophisticated political thinking about an issue.”In 2003 McQueen was named one Replica Bags of Britain’s “official war artists” by the Imperial War Museum, and he took off for Basra to do a piece on Iraq. He couldn’t get enough material for a film, due to security restrictions, but had an idea after he returned home, while putting a Van Gogh postage stamp on an envelope. Queen and Country (2007) is a series of stamps depicting the British soldiers killed in the war. “It’s an artwork that everyone can participate in,” he says. “One can send a stamp; one can receive a stamp.” Controversy has surrounded the project since the Ministry of Defense declined McQueen’s request for the addresses of the soldiers’ next of kin (he ultimately hired a researcher to track down the families, most of whom agreed to send photographs of the soldiers). The Royal Mail has also refused to issue the KnockOff Handbags stamps for public use, which was McQueen’s goal all along. The artist is still pressing his case, with growing public support; in https://www.ermobags.com the meantime he has exhibited the stamps on large sheets in an oak cabinet with sliding vertical drawers.facebook dialogPinterestStill from 7th November (2007).This year McQueen will represent Britain at the Venice Biennale, though he’s keeping everyone—including his gallerists—pretty much in the dark about the work he plans to show. Is it a video piece? “Maybe,” he says. “Possibly. That’s terrible for you. I’m sorry.” Asked why he can’t reveal more, he says, “Because that’s how I roll,” then bursts out laughing. “I’ve always wanted to say that!”McQueen, who doesn’t have a studio, says he gets his best ideas when he’s at home, cooking or vacuuming. One activity he doesn’t waste any time on, he says, is hanging out with other artists. If he sees a reason it might be worthwhile to spend his free time with any of replica Purse his peers, he’s not admitting to it. “That’s like if you’re a butcher, hanging out with other butchers,” McQueen says. “You chop meat this way, and I chop meat that way. What’s there to talk about?”Photograph of Polaroid portrait: Stan Wan.

She started winning solo VMAs while Destiny's Child

From Destiny's Child to 'Lemonade,' a History of Fake Handbags Beyoncé at the VMAs

The year is 2000, and our story opens with an image: A trio of three women, dressed in coordinating embellished House of Deréon leather catsuits and skirts, smiling over their moon man. It's Destiny's Child in their prime, and they've just won the MTV Video Music Award Replica Bags Wholesale for Best R&B Video, honoring their video for "Say My Name." Beyoncé Replica Designer Handbags is at the center, displaying the statuette; band mate Kelly Rowland gingerly touches its little space-helmeted head, while Michelle Williams simply leans in, smiling. They'd win the award again next year, for "Survivor," but this is their VMA debut.facebook dialogPinterestDestiny’s Wholesale Replica Bags Child with the MTV VMA for Best R&B Video for "Say My Name" in New York, New York, September 2000.In 2001, the trio both received the Best R&B Video award for "Survivor," and pulled a second shift as presenters that evening. They still coordinated, albeit with multiple costume changes — and not one of them what we would call a subtle nod to their southern roots. Southwestern-inspired details like fringe, turquoise, Fake Designer Bags and denim abounded.Destiny's Child disbanded in 2006 — the same year that the VMAs revamped their awards and did away with the genre categories — but Beyoncé remains. She started winning solo VMAs while Destiny's Child KnockOff Handbags was still technically a group, but after they had hit their peak. In 2003 came the award for cheap replica handbags "Crazy In Love," off her solo debut Dangerously In Love; in 2006, "Check On It." She performed in 2003, too, first in front of a giant crew of backup dancers and then with now-husband Jay Z (looking very early-2000s himself, in oversized blazer and trousers with white sneakers).facebook dialogPinterestBeyoncé and Jay Z perform wholesale replica designer handbags at the MTV VMAs in New York, New York, September 2003.Getty Images2009 was the year of the Kanye https://www.bagstradeol.com West-Taylor Swift incident — Beyoncé won the award for Video of the Year for "Single Ladies," while Swift Handbags Replica won Best Female Video for "You Belong With Me." When Swift stepped on stage to accept her award, West famously stepped in, declaring (in a statement that has long since ascended into meme-dom) that he would let Swift finish, but "Beyoncé had one of aaa replica designer handbags the best videos of Designer Fake Bags all time." So when Beyoncé won the top prize of the night later in the evening, she pulled Swift on stage to share the spotlight. Because, sportsmanship, guys.But it wasn't till 2011 that Beyoncé took full advantage of her platform at the VMAs. She performed "Love On Top" that year, mysteriously dedicating the song to her Replica Bags husband and telling him (slash-the audience) "I want you purse replica handbags to feel the love that's growing inside of me." Then, the big reveal: Beyoncé pulled back her sparkly Dolce & Gabbana blazer to reveal her baby bump. In one move, she turned replica handbags china the VMAs into a baby Replica Handbags shower — for herself.facebook dialogPinterestBeyoncé performs "Love On Top" at the 2011 VMAs in New York, New York, September 2011.After the birth of Blue Ivy, Bey laid low for just a bit. But she must have been hard at work all the while, because Beyoncé — the surprise album and accompanying set of videos that would see her triumphant return to the VMA stage — was released, the rare successful surprise album drop, in December 2013. The following year, Beyoncé was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, the same award that Rihanna will accept this year. But Beyoncé didn't just stand by to reap her glory; she performed again in 2014, replica Purse dancing in a custom Tom Ford bodysuit, standing strong in front of a massive screen displaying the Designer Replica Bags word "Feminist." Iconic. (Then Blue Ivy and Jay Z came out to bestow her award, but at this point it was really Beyoncé's show.)facebook dialogPinterestBeyoncé performs at the 2014 VMAs in Inglewood, California, August 2014.FilmMagicOn Sunday night, Beyoncé returns with an unparalleled 11 Video Music Award nominations for 'Lemonade.' This being Beyoncé, rumors are swirling about replica purses what she'll do to mark the occasion: Some speculate new music (including whispers of a collaborative album with Jay Z); others, a surprise high quality replica handbags announcement; and of course, there will always be pregnancy rumors. She'll have to compete with four uncensored minutes of Kanye West, but given how she approached the 2011 awards, we have no doubt she's up replica handbags online for it.Watch W's most popular videos here:.

pwd with file name

I often am working with a file and need to copy it’s full absolute path. In the past, I always used pwd to grab the path, then typed a slash then ls’d the file name and copied that. I just stumbled across the realpath command which allows you to do this all in one step for quick copying/pasting of the absolute path.

readlink -f somefile.txt

which outputs:


It’s the little things!